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Happy New Year 2012 – By Amanda

Happy  New Year everyone!!

In 2012, the thing I most want to accomplish is the Wilton Cake Decorating Level 2 and Level 3 classes.

And I want to be a better mom, more patience, more encouragement.

And……. I wish could go back to the routine of Yoga practicing, at least 3 times a week.

Today,we Spent our New Year’s Eve at Alexia’s house. The food was great, we had awesome time together. Thanks Alexa!

Today’s Outfit, it’s still about red, red shirt, red bag……

I have to  review those boots from Chie Mihara.  I ordered them from on Christmas day. They were still pricy, but compare to the original price, it was a good deal (65%off). I would give them 5 stars. I had no problem walking with them for more than 4 hours in the mall, super comfortable, and stylish.

Sweater: Vince (Saks Off Fifth)

T-shirt: Bailey 44 (Nordstrom)

Jeans: Ralph Lauren Kids Sz 12 (Saks)

Boots: Chie Mihara (Saks)

Bag: Prada (Saks)


Happy New Year 2012, from Us to You!

Wish you a very happy new year of 2012! It cannot hurt to have new year resolution which definitely helps me be a better person and a happier woman.

Shopping – Make budget. Shop smart, more focus on essential pieces.

Sleep – Improve sleep quality. Get up half hour earlier.

Food – Drink more fluid.

Skincare – Massage face and neck half to one minute before bedtime.

Exercise – Running/Walking often. Get more exposure to sunshine.

Kids – Less yelling

Hubby – Less nagging

What are yours for 2012?

Happy New Year from Michelle!


Top: Vince Cable-Yoke Knit Sweater
Bottom: Vince Corduroy Skinny
Boots: Cole Haan

My Mom’s farewell dinner party by Amanda

Time goes very fast, it’s been 7 days since my mom has left. I hosed her a farewell dinner party before she left, Alexa’s family joined us. Fortunately on that day was Alexa’s dad’s birthday, we also celebrated the birthday for him.  Everybody enjoyed the food, and we had wonderful time together.

I prepared lots of food, Chinese, Korean, and Western dishes.

1. Home made SiChuan Style Sausages (川味香肠)

2. Sichuan style Bamboo Shoots Salad (麻辣卤笋干)

3. sichuan style  duck gizzard (麻辣卤鸭胗)

4. slow cooed beef shank (五香卤牛肉)

5. five spice tofu (五香豆干)

6. Gluten with shitaki mushrom, and black ear  fungus, bamboo shoots salad (四喜烤麸)

7. sichuan style mung bean salad (凉拌豆芽)

8. Korean style clear noodle with beef, mushroom, carrots (韩国炒杂菜粉条)

9. sichuan style spicy fish filet with cabbage underneath (麻辣水煮鱼)

10. sichuan style stir fry sliced pork with celery in pickled red spicy peper sauce(泡椒芹菜肉丝)

11. Slow rosted baby back ribs (烤BBQ排骨)

The photo shows the tea set I brought back from China this summer. I servied Pu Er with this tea set.

Alexa and me

Burberry down coat & Stuart Weitzman snow boots

We did not have a white Christmas this year, but it seems that we are gonna have a white new year 🙂

I am wearing my favorite snow boots today. I bought this pair 6 years ago, and it is still like new! Compared to UGG, I love Stuart weitzman snow boots better, especially living in Cleveland…. It has fur lining, leather upper (water proof!) and rubber sole (not slippery!). Very warm, durable and comfy!


Top: burberry down coat (dark green, feather light! It was my favorite coat last year in NYC)

Boots: Stuart Weitzman snow boots

Bag: Mulberry

Scarf: Burberry classic check in cashmere

Marc by Marc Jacobs wonderland print scarf :: first work day after Christmas

After a whole week of vacation, I come back to work today. The freeway was pretty empty this morning, as well as the packing garage ~ Most of my coworkers are still on vacation this week 🙂 I need to finish my paper before my boss comes back next week.

The scarf I am wearing today is one of my new buys. It was on sale with an extra 50% off yesterday, at saksfifthavenue ($67, 100% wool, and thank you Amanda~~~).


 top: Vince cardigan

 bottom: Jbrand waxed jeans

 boots: Salvatore Ferragamo riding boots

 bag: Chanel mini shopper

 scarf: Marc by Marc Jacobs wonderland print

 gloves: saksfifthavenue

Family dinner :: 板鸭,葱姜虾,辣子鸡, 韭菜花毛豆肉丝,干煸四季豆 :: by Alexa




We had a “formal” home-made family dinner tonight to celebrate Christmas. I cooked 8 dishes (but only 6 pictures here), including vegetable, seafood and meat. It took me about 3 hours.


(我一般在美国超市,比如wholefoods,买冷冻的毛豆--shelled adamame,新鲜度和口感比较接近中国的新鲜毛豆,比中国店的质量好)

肉丝加少量淀粉,生抽,白胡椒粉和油腌20分钟左右。 热锅冷油,下肉丝断生备用。先炒熟毛豆,放少量盐。再放入蒜末,干红辣椒,肉丝,和韭菜花,大火翻炒。加少量糖,盐,生抽和白胡椒粉调味。




四季豆清理后,沥干水。deep frier 放油加热到375F。放四季豆炸4分钟,取出四季豆并吸掉多余的油。



我比较喜欢costco的black tiger tail shrimp。




小鸡一只,解冻,切小块 (我一般用厨房用剪刀剪开,比较轻松,也不会溅得到处都是。加入姜末洋葱末老抽糖白胡椒粉花椒粉和料酒腌制2小时。

放入deep frier, 375F,8分钟。


Merry Christmas! We are all red today.

Today is the Christmas day. We are going out to eat. I decided add some red to everyone’s outfit to brighten up the day. In my outfit has red and green, I look very Christmas, don’t I? The red sweater and purse I only wear few times during the holiday season.

Today’s hair: I made a big bun on the higher site of my head, it makes me look taller when I wear Puffy jacket

I took few shots for Little Allison This Morning, She looks so so…. cute in red.

Outfit –

Vest: Burberry Brit

Sweater: Ralph Lauren

Scarf: Banana Republic

Botton: J Brand

Boots: UGG

Handbag: Stuart Weitzman