Anthropologie Purl-Wise-Pullover:: blue&gray

I can’t wait to share my new buy: blue pullover sweater from Anthropologie!

About 2 months ago, Michelle and I saw this sweater at the Anthropologie store nearby 5th avenue, NYC. I love it at the first sight, but Michelle did not let me buy it. She is right that most of sweaters from Anthropologie would be on sale……… and to her opinion (or mine too), sweaters never last forever. They are all gonna to be worn out after couple seasons, doesn’t matter they are from Vince or from Anthropologie………So, yes I should save money for those timeless pieces.

Just about (even less than) 2 months, yesterday, I found this one was on sale, 50% off!!!! I decided to take it home. I love the way this sweater is knitted, and especially the boxy sleeves 🙂 It is soft and comfy!

Borrow the description from Anthropologie website:

Guinevere’s stitchy wool-alpaca sweater has a cuddly, blouson silhouette.

  • Wool, nylon, alpaca
  • Dry clean
  • 22″L
  • Imported


Top: Anthropologie

Bottom: Joe’s pencil jeans

Shoes: Prada bootie

Scarf: Alexander McQueen

Bag: Balenciaga


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