Jbrand waxed skinny::thank you Michelle

Michelle found this pair of Jbrand waxed skinny from Tjmaxx, at $59.99 🙂 ….. Only my size (25) was available there, so she bought it for me and started to be jealous of me all the time…. I told her, “God is fair! He let you have a pair of long, straight and lean legs, while I have this pair of beautiful jeans!” LOL….. Anyway, Jbrand makes great skinny jeans! The waxed finish gives a leather look, very cool.

The black wedges (bootie) is from Via Spiga, which I bought from Nordstrom last month. I wore this pair to DC, and it did not give me any hard time there! So, I have to say this pair of Via Spiga is GREAT and Comfy!


Top: Vince cardigan with J.Crew belt

Bottom: Jbrand waxed skinny

Shoes: Via Spiga

Glooves: saks fifth avenue (I love to add some color to my outfit)

Bag: LV neverfull


2 thoughts on “Jbrand waxed skinny::thank you Michelle

  1. Ruby December 14, 2011 at 4:52 AM Reply

    love the cardigan, your jegging look is even better than Kate Moss! Keep up with the work.

  2. Xin December 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM Reply

    I like your friend Michelle too. She is beautiful and you two look alike. Enjoy reading your website!

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