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Patterned dress: M Missoni Vs. H&M

(ignore the belt, which is the only one I have here in my hand)

I am getting geared up for spring. My eyes were caught by colors recently, from JCrew red skirt, to those patterned dresses!

M Missoni, (40% off $445) is on sale at $267. This jersey dress with full lining is super soft but has fluid drapes. When I tried in store, SA lent me a black skinny belt which was indeed pretty! The gold / orange color is also great for my skin complexion.

H&M houndstooth dress, is only $17.95 in store.  It also comes in black/white color combination (similar as this). Though black/white one is very sharp, I want to add something (color?) totally different to my closet. I may put a wide black belt with this dress. The fabric of this dress is comfortable, and pretty thick.

Dear fabby readers, which one do you like more? I love both of them…


Barbour international jacket @ rainy, windy and chilling San Diego

San Diego can be very cold! It was 46F today, windy and rainy! I would not step out of the hotel without this Barbour international jacket (or here). Barbour is an England brand, presenting a cool & sharp style. Their international line is inspired by iconic motorcycling archives. It fends of water stain and wind. Since it is coated, no soap, detergent, hot water and dry clean (only use cold water brush off the surface). It is pretty flattering compared to my old Burberry parka, if you belt it up. (However, I am still interested in an oversize parka like this).

Outfit today:

Jacket: Barbour international jacket (size 2, true to size; I wear xs normally)

Dress: Missoni for target

Sweater: Missoni for target

Shoes: Cole Haan

Bag: Balenciaga

Sunday Workout :: The Bar Method

Hope everyone has just enjoyed a wonderful weekend! The weather on Sunday is gorgeous in northern Jersey. What you’ve done to get recharged for the whole week?

One thing I would like to share is my first step to adult ballet. Our piano teacher and friend Margaret sent me a sweet gift last week – one class in the Bar Method! She thought I would love it so she wanted me to have a try. Friends are the people who don’t need to say a single word but they know what you are really thinking about. Dear Margaret is.  In the early morning of Sunday, I met Coach Jeanne and Margaret’s friends. There were about 20-25 people in one class and most of them age between 30-50. Needless to say, everybody was in GREAT shape and attitude, more interesting, they all wore a little bit make up :-). It reminded me this is not the Y I have been doing workout all year long. This is a place called feminine and elegant. Well, once the training started, I didn’t feel my elegance any more. My legs are shaking, shaking, and my tears were nearly out (to be frank, they were out). When I thought it was time to get a break, instead, Coach Jeanne’s sweet yet firm voice in the air: “everybody is doing a fantastic job! Let’s count to another 40!”. Margaret has been practicing in the Bar Method for four years. When we walked out after class, she went:”Every time when my legs are shaking, I ask myself why I am doing things like this. However, I am so eager to come back next time… …”. I think that is also how my journey starts.

In a summary, the Bar Method focuses more on body sculpting and posture. It is the supplement of running and yoga, two essential pieces in my daily exercise routine. These years I also tried many other group activities such as Adult Hip Hop/ Tap, Zumba, Jazzercise, and Step Interval. It is not only about exercise, it is time to meet wonderful people, make friends, and get inspired, isn’t it?

The Bar Method

Weekend outfit:

Vest: ‘S Max Mara Long Reversible Vest – Welcome to the Cube

Top: Nike Active

Bag: LV Neverfull GM

Sunglasses: Diane von Furstenberg

Midway carrier @ San Diego

First day of a conference is usually super long, especially you have a jet lag! I woke up at 4:30am this morning, where could I go then? I could not imagine that how should I  survive without coffee today. A brief nap in the noon charged me up, so I spent an hour on strolling through Harbor Dr., and checking this “monster” — Midway carrier. I should have taken a good camera with me…… Kids will definitely love to jump on it, and check things around.

I dined in Royal Thai Cuisine tonight, which is one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. If you come here, you must try their drunken noodle with double spicy.

Gym in Hyatt is great, facing the harbor……. if I wake up at 4:30am again, I will go there to kill time.

Before I close, I want to share a sentence I heard today with you. Though it is about scientific research, I think it applies to life too. “Scientific research is tedious, and there are only a few short episodes of success. Unless you are doing things you really enjoy, otherwise you will not be satisfied.” In term of our lives, there are not so many excitements too. We need to do things really interest us, otherwise it will be tedious.

Enjoy your weekend!

Blogging from San Diego: deal sharing

After 7-hour flight passing through at least 7 states, and a desert in Arizona, I arrived in San Diego. Though it is my 4th (or 5th?) visit, I was still excited. Unlike New York City, San Diego has less congestion and is pretty laid-back. Weather here is good all year round, at least to me, who is from the midwest (or northeast if you’d like to use time zone to define geography, lol). The city is not big, but full of parks, shops and restaurants where you can easily park yourself for several hours. Maybe I will spend one afternoon on a tour of USS midway carrier museum, which is couple blocks from the Hyatt Hotel that I stay at.

My number one mission here is checking Fashion Valley shopping mall. Unfortunately, I might catch nasty cold virus (running nose and headache) , so mostly window-shopping today. But I did find couple deals and would like to share them here.

#1 Vince skinny ankle length jeans in olive from bloomingdales, style #822508911448. It was $195, and now is on sale at $58.5 (with in-store extra 40% off). Using Bloomingdale’s card, you have additional 20% off these 3 days (Fri-Sun). The final price goes down to $46.50. The jeans are true to size (I bought size 25, same size as my JBrand jeans, but Vince jeans have mid-rise and are relatively generous in size. Overall it fits well, and is more comfy than JBrand. Length is perfect at the ankle).

# Henri Bendel Island Girl Scarf, Silk & Cotton blended, large square scarf. It was $135, and now on sale at $67.50. I like its color.  It seems to be sold out online already, but some store may still have it. The item number is 20884003910193.


Have a nice weekend 🙂

Pack smart & travel light: style myself for 6 days in a carry-on luggage

I will stay in San Diego for ARO (association for research in otolaryngology) meeting in the next 6 days. I usually don’t check any bags for domestic travel, because first, I don’t want to pay the fee though it can be reimbursed, second, I don’t want to take the risk of loss any stuff I will live with. So packing everything in a carry on suitcase is pretty challenging. I need clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, necessary electronics and their chargers, and also gym shoes & clothes……… a very big headache! I pulled things in and took them out, back and forth…….. Eventually I told myself, “I am going to a big city, and I always can buy!”. It is actually true, as a shopping lover I always buy something back. LOL. Anyways, those are clothes I packed for the next 6 days, for a local temperature 45-70F. Though I will present my poster, the overall dressing should be casual. I also limited shoes to be real walking shoes, which is super super super important for me!

Here are my plans~

#1:Burberry brit check print shirt + Anthropologie pants + Zara jacquard white blazer  (left one)

#2 Theory adalbert semi-sheer turtleneck white sweater + J Brand wax coated jeans + Marc by Marc Jacobs trench coat (keep me warm here, only 35F)

#3  Anne Fontaine black tank + JCrew eyelet pencil skirt + Elizabeth and James black blazer + JCrew belt + Cole Haan bootie

After a careful comparison between Anthropology and JCrew red skirts, I decided to take JCrew skirt, size 00. It is $118 in store. I can’t bother to do an alteration of that Anthropology red skirt . The super long zipper at the back of that anthropology skirt needs to be shortened for sure.

#4 Anne Fontaine white shirt + JCrew eyelet pencil skirt + JCrew white skinny belt

#5 D&G black shirt (bought in 2003, 9 years old shirt) + JBrand jeans + Zara jacquard white blazer

#6 Missoni for target tank dress and cardigan

My suitcase is 90% full now…… Guess what will I do for the rest 10%? lol……

Enjoy weekend, and I will try to share you some pictures from San Diego.

Happy Friday :: Make popcorn without a microwave

Believe it or not, we don’t have a microwave at home. It doesn’t cause any inconvenience, except when we crave for popcorn. Recently I found a traditional way to make popcorn. It is so easy and fun!

What do you need:

a. A cooking pot with lid (glass lid is preferred);
b. a small handful of kernels;
c. some vegetable oil or butter.


1. Pour vegetable oil or butter into the pot;
2. Turn on the stove to a medium to high flame;
3. Put the kernels in;
4. Cover the pot with the lid;
5. The kernels will start popping; Slide your pot on the stove back and forth to make the heat even.
6. Wait until no more kernels pop up. It might only take a minute or two.
7. Turn off the stove and pour the popcorn into a big bowl. E-n-j-o-y!

Happy Friday!