Club Monaco t-shirt & Hermes silk scarf "carre en carres" : last day of Boston vacation

I am blogging at Boston Logan intl airport now, waiting for my flight at 9:10pm heading back to Cleveland. Though I love food, culture and shopping malls here, I miss my sweet home a lot! We will get home around 12am tonight, so waking up Nathan tomorrow morning will be a great challenge.

I found this Club Monaco jersey (modal) t-shirt yesterday, and bought two of them, one in white and another in nude (the one I wore in these pictures). After I read Wendy’s blog about how to wear jersey t-shirt in different ways, I know I need one! However, it is not that easy, some of them are not soft enough, some of them are too sheer, some have super low neckline…….. When I saw this t-shirt in Club Monaco yesterday, I immediately fell in love with them. It is $39.50, and the size runs a little bit big (for reference, I bought size xs; I am 5”4, 108 lb).

The nude color of this t-shirt goes well with this Hermes “carre en carres” scarf, which I bought two years ago. The pink & brown tones in this scarf matches my burgundy cardigan. I find both nude and dust pink are great for my skin tone.

We toured in Harvard this afternoon. I really like the campus, which reminds me the time I spent in Columbia University. For some reason, I like those red brick road, very romantic!

And, of course, I touched so call Mr. Harvard’s foot.

It is about boarding now, and see you tomorrow!


t-shirt: Club Monaco (similar to this one)

cardigan: 3.1 phillip lim

scarf: Hermes

jeans: JBrand

Bootie: Chie Mihara

Coat: Burberry

Bag: Balenciaga


2 thoughts on “Club Monaco t-shirt & Hermes silk scarf "carre en carres" : last day of Boston vacation

  1. dietingfashions February 16, 2012 at 10:25 AM Reply

    Awesome outfit. Casual and chic. Hermes always chic things up. How was the trip?

  2. fabbylife February 16, 2012 at 11:44 AM Reply

    It was a great trip, meeting friends, shopping, and hair cut! But it was indeed cold….

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