Playing with essential colors: red, white, black and tan -1

I am trying to step out my comfort zone now. The first step is adding some color, other than white, black and grey, to my closet. Red is bright, essential but safe (easy to match, right?). It was love at the first sight of this textured ponte skirt,  even though the back zipper is not perfectly inserted . Its slim silhouette is equally flattering, when paired with a fitted shirt or a oversize sweater. Top left is even good for office outfit, while top right is for shopping, brunch or night out.

The red sweater dress was bought a while ago, and now it is on a deeper sale at $17 in Banana Republic. I wore it out, as top middle, for a patty at my friend’s this Saturday night.

Pairing a “mini” skirt (it is actually not that mini) with a oversize sweater is inspired by a Japanese fashion magazine. I would like to get a leather skirt, but don’t want to spend $400 on that. I will keep an eye on….. Please ignore the hem of skirt in above pictures, which needs work.

The last pairing is tan/caramel cashmere sweater & red skirt (FYI, this is the normal length of this skirt). The sweater was purchased from JCrew (Waffled cashmere zip sweater) during extra 30% off sale. It is a mid-weight cashmere sweater, not super soft which probably is the nature of waffle knit style. It is certainly true to size. My overall impression of JCrew cashmere is about average. Their sweaters pill, but not crazily.


Shirt: Anne Fontaine (2011)

Skirt: Anthropologie Ganni

Sweater dress: Banana Republic

White sweater: Theory (similar as this, mine has longer back hem. I bought in saksfifthavenue, the item # is 883591534419)

Caramel sweater: JCrew

Belt: all JCrew

Necklace: JCrew

Pumps: B Briant Artwood

Chinese Version


4 thoughts on “Playing with essential colors: red, white, black and tan -1

  1. robin February 21, 2012 at 6:24 AM Reply

    for the red skirt, I perfer the tuck-in looks on you, especially the black and red combo.

  2. Michelle February 21, 2012 at 8:19 AM Reply

    Hi dear!Love these spring looks! Bright colors help to uplift our spirits in these still on-going winter days.

  3. […] FAQs Playing with essential colors: red, white, black and tan -1 […]

  4. Nicola June 3, 2012 at 1:03 AM Reply

    I have some leather skirts that don't cost the earth, and they are very flattering. What colour do you want?

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