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Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt & Zara Fantasy Pleated Skirt

Ralph Lauren child-wear girls chambray shirt (sz 16, shoulder part is as wide as JCrew xs) fits me perfectly! I really like the thick texture and nice wash, and it is only $18 (from SaksFifthAvenue). Honestly, I think the quality of this RL chambray is way better thank my JCrew faded popover chambray shirt.


Shirt: Ralph Lauren girls chambray shirt

Skirt: Zara

Belt: JCrew

Flats: Bloch (same style, different colors here; Bloch shoes run half size small!)

Nathan got nasty cold virus from his school, which kept me super duper busy in the past 4 days! — two visits to the hospital during the weekend, can you believe?! Anyway, he is getting better now! See how happy he was today ūüôā


Ash IGGY lace up booties & seek suggestions for an orange sweater

Thank you Amanda, for getting me a pair of open toe booties (Ash IGGY, Amanda found this pair on sale @ $56 in Nordstrom Rack)¬†! Open toe booties actually are like dessert for me, not necessary, and I don’t many chances to wear them in the northeast. But for such a good price, I don’t mind having a pair in my closet!

The booties are true to size, heels are around 3”, and nice arch support. The front edge may “cut” toes a little bit, so they need to be broken in!

There are two different ways to wear them :

Suggestion seeking, our fabby readers! Thanks!

I tried an orange sweater (Tracy Reese) in Nordstrom yesterday, the color and loose fit style caught me. Especially, Nordstrom gives 20% off to match saks FF events! Should I take this sweater??

BLUE : mix & match

In the last JCrew extra 30%off sale, Michelle and I decided to try some full skirts. I am even braver to try a bright colored one! Here it is, JCrew Jardin skirt. JCrew has this style for several years, maybe different colors every season.

I am still a baby for matching colors, especially tops and skirts mix & match. This is the reason, I like dresses more. Anyway, I did couple pairings with pieces in my closet. Have some fun @ home, in such a rainy vacation day. — please ignore the wrinkles in my skirt, I haven’t gotten any chance to steam it.

Sinclair 10 stripe tee + JCrew Jardin blue skirt + JCrew red belt

JCrew faded chambray shirt + JCrew Jardin skirt + JCrew belt + Roger Vivier wedges

 Anne Fontaine white cami + JCrew Jardin skirt + Roger Vivier wedges

La Via 18 sweater cardigan + JCrew Jardin skirt

And, blue is so pretty on our baby model!

Black & Leopard : JCrew Teddie dress with Chanel scarf

“A spring storm struck the U.S. Northeast on Monday, dumping wet snow in western Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and western New York and bringing heavy rains to the Eastern Seaboard.”

Snow storm did not hit Cleveland this time, but it was windy and cold in the past two days. I mean, very strong wind! When I walked in the parking lot (unfortunately I parked on the roof floor), I was literally blowed¬†away — a guy laughed at me and said “good to be¬†fat now!”

But spring comes back today! I am still in the honeymoon with my leopard print calf hair pumps/wedges! Wear them with a black dress. I have to say these shoes are worth every single penny! They are comfy and go with many outfits!


Dress: JCrew

Shoes: Halogen (review of size and fit, here)

Scarf: Chanel

Hair clip: Anthropologie


Saturday night there was a special and intimate piano recital at Margaret’s house. A select group of students were invited. Lucky me, I was one of them. This was my ‘first-ever’ recital, ever since I decided to learn playing piano a year ago, when my daughter started her study. I couldn’t resist the beautiful melody from this magic instrument, and I wanted to give it a try. For a person who never touched any instrument in my previous life, and didn’t even know where middle C is, it is not a surprise to take 100 times to do a single measure by putting two hands together. I wish I play Bach and Beethoven; I wish my fingers and body dancing with the music, just like a true pianist. The reality doesn’t turn out to be that easy.

My piece in the recital was ‘Gavotte’, a very simple song which I’d been working on for a month or two. I am sure everybody in our home sick of it already since I practiced too many times. Sitting in front of the grand piano¬† especially for this recital, I knew something would be going wrong. I was not familiar with this piano, and the keys looked so strange and different from the ones at my home. But, I had to start. People already applauded for me, and what they were waiting for was just a cheerful song. — Very unfortunately — I made unbelievable quite-a-few mistakes. I even secretly wish people could shut down their ears, or they were not able to tell my mistakes. Neither of them would happen. The only good thing was, I finished it anyway. I heard applaud again, out of courtesy.

The recital was followed by a small party. People came to me and admired my encouragement. Yes, the encouragement I was proud of, but so embarrassing for me at this moment. I met Mr. Z, who is Margaret’s official adult student, in his 50s, a smart and neat gentleman. He played his beautiful piece in the recital, just like a song from heaven. I murmured to him that I started too late in my late 30s… I had no music gene from my family… everything was not perfect… After a few minutes, he came back to me again, with a old black notebook. “I was about to show you something I carry with me all the time.” What he presented me was a photo – a fairly old man playing a piano with his seemingly stiff fingers. “This is my Uncle. The picture was taken on his 99 year old birthday.” Mr. Z smiled at me. “Do a calculation, see how many years you still can learn and play.” Right, I might not be a long-live lady, but 99 minus 39 does give me an amazing number!

Forget all about ‘Gavotte’, I started trying a new piece yesterday. All I enjoy are the feelings that the beautiful melodies have brought — it is a world where you put all unhappiness and silly things behind.

Calf hair Leopard print pumps on sale @ Nordstrom: with fur vest & coated jeans

Halogen calf hair leopard pumps/wedges are on sale in Nordstrom @ $49.90 now (see here). Most of sizes ar still available online, and you may also find them in your local Nordstrom Rack. During the girls day out yesterday, each of us bought a pair. It is leather upper, lining and sole. Though it is made in China, the quality seems to be good and fits comfy. It runs slightly small, 1/4 to 1/2 size. I normally wear 6M, but this pair¬†I buy 6 1/2 M . Wedge like heel is about 2” and fully coverd by calf hair. I own a pair of B Brain Atwood leopard print pumps with 4” heel, but I still take this pair home. I think this pair more like flats, which are made for walking!

I do a very safe¬†match today, leopard print pumps +¬†black coated jeans + brown (honey) colored lamb fur vest.¬†¬†I can’t believe the temperature here drops back to 40F in later April. By the way, Saks¬†fur salon participate¬†their F&F event this year! Amanda bought a cropped fur jacket yesterday, and she got additional 20% off!


 Vest: Lamb fur vest from SaksFifthAvenue fur salon

Jeans: JBrand coated

Shoes: Halogen

Belt: Anthropologie

Bag: Balenciaga

Bright yellow with white jeans: Saks FF presale ongoing

Happy Friday everyone! It is so beautiful today, 70F and sunny!

I am wearing my Vince yellow top¬†with JBrand white jeans today,¬†and¬†my friend told me that I brought spring into the office. This top also comes in orange, a even more pretty color! Saksfifthavenue is doing friends and family presale right now, and still has this top! After tried white jeans from many brands (Gap, AG, Rag and Bone…), I finally decided this pair from JBrand. It is super comfortable/soft,¬†and not sheer at all! Highly recommend!

Temperture will drop tonight and be around 45F during the weekend, so I took my Gucci shawl with me just in case I need it later of the day.

I was asked about how to take care digital permed hair. It is actually very easy. Always seperate your hair in 4 portions, and using your finger to tweest the hair forward when you blow dry your hair (left two strands tweest clockwisely, and right two strands tweest counter-clockwisely). Don’t comb! This is how my hair looks like, without any style product on.

Have a nice weekend, our fabby readers!


Top: Vince boatneck  

Jeans: JBrand

Shoes: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA 22 (true to size, also see here)

Scarf: Gucci