Black & Leopard : JCrew Teddie dress with Chanel scarf

“A spring storm struck the U.S. Northeast on Monday, dumping wet snow in western Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and western New York and bringing heavy rains to the Eastern Seaboard.”

Snow storm did not hit Cleveland this time, but it was windy and cold in the past two days. I mean, very strong wind! When I walked in the parking lot (unfortunately I parked on the roof floor), I was literally blowed away — a guy laughed at me and said “good to be fat now!”

But spring comes back today! I am still in the honeymoon with my leopard print calf hair pumps/wedges! Wear them with a black dress. I have to say these shoes are worth every single penny! They are comfy and go with many outfits!


Dress: JCrew

Shoes: Halogen (review of size and fit, here)

Scarf: Chanel

Hair clip: Anthropologie


One thought on “Black & Leopard : JCrew Teddie dress with Chanel scarf

  1. robin April 25, 2012 at 8:35 AM Reply

    I have a weak point for beautiful scarf and was totally sold to this Chanel.The shoes are very versatile,too. The dress is little bit baggy from behind though.Maybe you should gain some weight, ha ha!

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