All about lace: Anthropologie Youghal Crops lace pants

I find that many pretty clothes from Anthropologie are actually very hard to put on; however, once a while I have some surprise from Anthropologie! Their SA told me today that they received shipment everyday, and had clothes marked down almost every week (usually Tuesday, but it may vary in different stores). Does this sound like the sale style of Zara or H&M?

I have been keeping an eye on lace covered pants for several months, and eventually I found one (a big surprise) in Anthropologie this week. They are pink/or peach-like , with nude colored lining. The quality is also good. As other reviewers said, this pair was true to size (for your reference, I am 5’4”, 109lb now, and wear size 0). They are more like ankle length pants to me, rather than cropped pants — I am too short 😦

To match these lace covered pants, Amanda gave me her DIY-JCrew top! I am so blessed to have a girl friend with a similar style and figure nearby! I will miss you, Amanda!

By the way, our moving was almost done, and everything was loaded today! Nathan was the most excited one!


Top: JCrew

Pants: Anthropologie

Shoes: Bloch

Bag: LV


2 thoughts on “All about lace: Anthropologie Youghal Crops lace pants

  1. The Style Trenches May 4, 2012 at 4:48 AM Reply

    I love lace so these pants are a winner in my books

  2. Bryony Gundy May 4, 2012 at 4:50 AM Reply

    wow, great pair of pants!

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