Fun of geometry

I was immediately attracted by the colorful dots when I saw them on the sale rack in Neiman Marcus. Normally Chie Mihara shoes go really fast, but apparently  I had a good luck this time! I do notice that Chie Mihara doesn’t have a consistent size , and this pair definitely runs half size smaller. The heels are about 3.5”, no platform. If you try half size up, it is not narrow and reasonably comfy!

It is $284 on NM website with most of sizes still available (price seems to be a little bit different in store), and as cheaper as $242 on amazon with selected sizes. Good luck, girls! I think this a fun pair in summer!

My boy and his favorite toy!

Will blog from Los Angels or Shanghai soon ~


Houndstooth dress: H&M

Shoes: Chie Mihara (NM or Amazon)


One thought on “Fun of geometry

  1. Yali June 6, 2012 at 1:45 PM Reply

    I have this H&M dress too 🙂

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