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Fabby Healthy Cookbook: fresh squeezed pomegranate & apple juice PLUS daily deal!

Happy Thursday!
Pomegranate, Apple, Pineapple Juice (4-5 serving)

skinned pomegranate X 1 (read here for the healthy benefits of pomegranate)
Granny Smith Apple (medium size) X 3
Fuji Apple ( medium size) X 3 ( you may substitute to any other sweet type of apples)
Pineapple ice cube sized X 8
Lemon wedge 1/4
Fresh squeezed juice vs. smoothies?

 I have owned a Vita-Mix for 3 years thus far, by which I made all kinds of smoothies, dipping sauses, soy milk and peanuts butter (I will definitely share my recipes later). However, my 2 year old daughter likes fresh squeezed juice more. Everytime we go to Beachwood Mall, she asks a cup of it. A medium cup of fresh squeezed juice sells for $5.25. Fresh squezzed juice is healthy, less sugar and no added perservatives. So I decided to make it on my own, saving money and providing every family member healthy juice daily. After an intensive research including online products reviews and YouTube videos, I decided to give the Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver Juicer (or here with 300 reviews available) a try.
It has been 3 weeks since I bought my Omega Juicer. I use it daily, and I am very happy with it so far. Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver Juicer utilizes a low speed juicing system which squeezes, rather than grinds, to allow the juice to maintain their natural color, taste, nutrients and vitamins.

This juicer has a 10 year manufacture warranty, which is important for investing an expensive kitchen electronic.

Where to buy? Any deals?
Mine was bought from Bed Bath & Beyond along with a 20 percent off coupon, my luck. BBB also offers a generous return policy which always influences and secures my purchase choices. You may also purchase BBB gift cards from for an extra 10% off. Another choice might be buying from Amazon to save sell tax and time. Amazon also has nice return policy. Some grocery stores have Amazon GC, buy from where you can save for gasoline purchase.

Which do you like more, smoothies with pulp and fibrous cellulose or juice? Do you have your favorite healthy juice recipes to share?

Fashion deal…

at checkout SHOP NOW
Plus, check the mail for IN-STORE SAVINGS CERTIFICATES!

Vince Draped Boiled Wool Jacket & Burberry Down Coat

I love layering during the hush winter in Cleveland, Ohio. The great thing about layering is keeping you warm when you were outside, while still staying stylish and comfy when you are indoor. On another hand, layering allows more creativities: simply adding another piece you can build an entirely different outfit.

I want to share some layering tips:

1. Stick to the same color family. No matter your choice, try to go with colors that can all fit in the same color family.
2. Layering a longer thinner piece under a shorter thicker piece. Wearing a tunic style long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a scarf can give you a stylish and chic look.
3. Mix different fabric.  The rule is thinner, lighter fabric always stay underneath.
4. Defined waist makes petite frame more proportional.  Try a belt or fitted jacket to give some shape and dimension to the outfit.
5. Scarf is an essential item to achieve a layered look.

Fabby readers, do you have other layering ideas want to share with us?


Down Vest: Burberry Brit (old)
Sweater Coat: Vince (Available Here) 
Colored Jeans: J Brand in Merlot. Style “Maria” ( Higher rise waist, very comfortable). Similar Here
Boots: Chie Mihara (Style “Marbor” 2011 winter collection)
Scarf: Givenchy (similar here)
Handbag: Chanel
Earrings: Chanel


Tan color family: Burberry hooded jacket & Sassybax winter leggings

Hi all, winter is here, in Boston! It was below 30F this morning.

The super long neck (either being bunched around or carefully folded) of my Vince cozy cowl sweater (aslo see here) kept me warm in such a freezing morning; while the slim sleeve makes this sweater a layering piece for a fitted coat. The whole outfit, except the leggings, belongs to tan color family: peat Burberry jacket, camel sweater, brown tote and tan boots…


Coat: Burberry (here, true to size; I wear my normal size xs)
Sweater: Vince
Leggings: Sassybax (here or here; true to size. Very thick texture gives enough tummy control and butt lifting. Mine were bought 2 years ago, and are still my favorite winter pieces. I also bought the matched top, here, which turned to be a mistake. The top does have a lifting & shaping effect, but the hem keeps rolling up.)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: LV

Thank you for your reading!


Daily Hair Care: Organic / Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

You may hear many good words of these high-end hair care products, from SAs, fashion magazines, celebrities and probably your friends. After seeing them sitting on the shining shelves in those luxury department stores, I could not help switching from supermarket products to them. I admit that they are better than most $3 supermarket shampoo/conditioner, milder, smelling better and leaving my hair softer and more shining. So I have been using these ‘brand name’ products for almost 7 years. Until recently, a girl friend of mine, who works in a pharmaceutical company, introduced me couple organic products. Mentioning organic shampoo/conditioner, actually I used them on and off when I was pregnant with my son. By then, my overall impression of organic shampoo/conditioner is old-fashion soap! They left my hair super dry, dull and hard to comb!!! This was changed after I used the following products for two months. I also asked my hubby to test them, and couple girl friends as well… Most of us have the same impression so far. So I decided to share my experience here.

My third order came to my door today, my favorite shampoo, conditioner and two face cleansers I plan to give a try.

> 70% organic content; no parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate. 100% vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing.
Burt’s Bees very volumizing with Pomegranate  shampoo / conditioner

98.8% natural; no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals; sulfate free!
I noticed the difference since I started to use them: 1) my hair was ‘lighter’ that I barely could feel the weight. From this perspective, they are as good as Sisley botanic shampoo which costs $84; 2) my hair is more shining after couple weeks, as good as FF shampoo/conditioner; 3) I noticed that my hair fall decreased. Since I started using them around Sep., the change of hair fall could be biased due to the season-transition; 4) daily use (sometime twice a day if I hit gym more frequently) did not make my hair more greasy or damaged the endings (I have long permed hair). Since they are natural, all my family are sharing them — less bottles in my bathroom now! Well, my hubby complained that his hair was more oily after using Burt’s Bees pomegranate shampoo, and apparently he likes Avalon better. So far, they function just same, if not better than, as those luxury brand products! 

Bare in your mind that both Avalon and Burt’s Bees have different shampoos, and I only tried Avalon Lavender and BB pomegranate so far. My g/f told me some other lines from these brands were not good to her. If you would like to try these organic shampoo, I suggest buying them from your local Whole Foods. You can definitely return them if it doesn’t work on your hair. WholeFoods has nice return policy, ‘no question asked’!

Dear readers, do you have any good hair care products to recommend? If you used or are using these two organic lines, would you mind sharing your experience here? Thanks!

YSL Muse Sale Update & repost our review

“Good News” for someone who is interested in YSL Muse handbags, right now have 8 different colors on SALE at $1183, 30% off the MSRP (Click Here)

I like the red one the most. It’s a great color for the holiday season. What is your favorite color?

‘Quality is the top notch of this bag!  It is made with enduring leather. It hasn’t gotten any scratches so far. All the corners are still in pretty good condition after it has been used for almost two years. To be honest with you, I did not pay extra attention to this bag, since I bought it on sale at an unbelievable price. There is no water stain on mine. Maybe due to the color, there are even no obvious stains on the handles! Only thing that left a light stain is hand sensitizerand I don’t know whether the stain will fade over time or not (I just got that yesterday). In addition, it has top-zip closure which is great for travel! Size wise, it (10 1/2″H x 16″W x 5″D) is big enough for everyday use (sunglasses, mac air laptop 11”, wallets, scarf, etc.) but still fits my frame (I am 5’4 for your reference). It can be put over the shoulder unless I wear a chunky coat. The only issue, if it is an issue, is that it might take you a little bit while to find things inside it. There are not many compartments inside the bag, except a cell phone pocket and an inside zip pocket. These days, cell phones can be a little bit too heavy for the cell phone pocket (I might be over cautious about this, especially iPhone 5 is there in the market, lol); therefore, I search my cell phone all the time. Overall, I love my YSL muse tote, which is definitely a low-key, classic but trendy bag!’

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All about burgundy: Moncler Pensee Jacket, Prada Pebbled Leather Tote


Burgundy is one of my favorite winter colors. It’s very rich, and brightens up the boring winter. I purchased this Moncler Pensee Down Jacket from Woodburry Outlet store in New York this September.  It was my second Moncler purchase, and the first one was bought from Saks Fifth Avenue two years ago. By then I knew how good Moncler coat was!  They keep you warm, I mean extremely warm, and stylish as well! The Pensee is a feminine style featuring with gathered details at the shoulders. Unlike my first Moncler black jacket, this fancy & girly style might not last forever, on me. I would not wear it in my 40’s, but by then I can also pass it to my daughter. Do you think it still a good investment?

This Prada pebble leather tote is my first choice winter bag. It goes with any of winter jackets. I’d like to wear it as a cross body bag in cold days, leaving my hands free for shopping bags or being hidden in my warm pockets :). Though it is pretty huge for my petite frame, thick winter coats balance the bag out. Readers, do you ever wear over-sized bags in winter days?


I also want to introduce my new purchased boots: super comfy Aquatalia by Marvin K “Prince”. I had no problem to walk with them for 5 hours. still has it on sale and the Reviews on Nordie website may be helpful.

Jacket: Moncler
Sweater: Madewell
Shoes:  Aquatalia by Marvin K
Handbag: Prada
Scarf: Burberry

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Burberry double-breasted wool coat: Gucci sale @ NM

(Burberry wool coat + J Brand skinny + Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots + LV neverfull)

Share couple pictures of my favorite Burberry double-breasted wool coat! I love Burberry winter collections, especially these couple years when their sizes are more friendly to petite girls (P or sz 2). 

Mine was bought last year, while there are couple similar good styles available this season (check here and here). One thing I would like to mention is that the same style in different colors may have different textures. Last year, the light gray coat that I have was softer to touch than dark gray ones. Small size (sz 2) goes very fast, so I would not expect to find them on the sale rack.

(Theory sweater + Tory Burch all-over T scarf)

The teal sweater is made by Theory, a super good deal from Theory outlet store at $66. Do you notice that Theory size goes small these couple years? The Theory crimson wool sweater (mentioned in the previous entry) was sent back to the store because it was too tight and short on me. I prefer a longer sweater, which can be easily worn with skinny jeans/pants, in the winter time.

Does my scarf remind you LV classic shawl? It is the Tory Burch all-over T scarf (different colors: light camel, violet and tree green). The quality is comparable to LV classic shawl, and size is slightly smaller. In the recent couple years, the decent quality at an affordable price makes TB clothing and accessories stand out from other brands. Check them if you get a chance! By the way, the color I wear is called ‘timberwolf’.

Selective Gucci bags and wallets are on pre-sale (33% off) in Neiman Marcus…

Thank you for your reading!

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