Sweaters & Gucci suede boots: Zara linen top new buy

Happy Saturday everyone! After an entire week of wet chill, Boston has a dry and warm long weekend! In the mid November, warm days are extremely precious in the northeast!
(Nikon D800, 85mm / f1.8G, shot around 2pm but stood in shade. We have a 50mm / f1.4G lens and find it more likely to give us distorted pictures, while 85mm lens seems to make the life much easier.  Shooting portraits for kids, 50mm / f1.4G has no problem. We considered a 85mm / f1.4G lens, but hesitated to invest nearly 2k dollars. Couple months ago, Nikon newly released this 85mm / f1.8G lens at only $500. We immediately bought it home. It is only slightly heavier than the 50mm / f1.4G one. Though it is not as good as 85mm / f1.8G for low light indoor shooting, it is worth every penny and satisfies us so far!)

These Gucci suede shoes have been with me for 5 years, and are still my favorites. 
Theory seems to release uneven hem sweaters every year. I bought mine early this year (click here for more pictures from my previous post), and it is great with skinny jeans/pants. My girl-friend bought one in crimson on sale last week from Neiman Marcus, however I could not find a link right now. Here is another style (from NM and from shopbop) pretty similar and it looks great! 
Lastly, share you a picture of my new buy from Zara. I like Zara summer pieces more than winter ones. This print tee is 100% linen, with dolman sleeves and an uneven hem (lol, I guess I am addicted to uneven hem tops now). The loose fit easily balances any shorts. Plan to wear it during our Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, I could not find the link of this top too. There is another pure linen top, vintage style linen t-shirt, which I like a lot!

Thank you for your reading and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Top: Vince cardigan sweater and Theory sweater
Boots: Gucci
Belt: JCrew
Fox fur scarf: Adrienne Landau (similar here and here)
Bag: LV epi


2 thoughts on “Sweaters & Gucci suede boots: Zara linen top new buy

  1. Anonymous January 8, 2013 at 10:41 AM Reply

    Love your look! Beautiful!

  2. lovefabbylife January 8, 2013 at 11:42 AM Reply

    Thank you. This is my favorite LV, which has been with me for 7 years

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