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Mom and Daughter’s Colorful Outfit


Vest: Burberry Brit

Jacket: Burberry Brit

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Bag: Marc Jacobs


Weekend getaway in white mountains: Glen Ellis Falls and Mt. Washington

Hiking at Glen Ellis Falls

Hiking at Glen Ellis Falls

Mt. Washington summit, steam train. We did touch cloud at the summit!

We are proud to get there, the highest peak in the Northeast USA – 6288ft! But we conquered the mountain by driving along the Mt.Washington auto road. We are hoping to climb up there again when the little boy gets stronger! I know, it will happen in no time! By the way, it was so cold (mid 40F in the day, and lower 20F last night!) and so windy; so my hands were busy in most of pictures, holding my hat, covering my ears, rubbing my nose…

(Nathan wears my favorite long-sleeve tee by Hugo Boss)

Thank you for your reading! I am looking forward to sharing our next trip (New Orleans, Oct) with you!

Weekend getaway in white mountains: lululemon red jacket & s Max Mara quilted Vest

To keep my little boy busy in his no school days (the next Monday and Tuesday), we planned a long weekend getaway in white mountain: staying at a resort for two nights. Lift ride, short family hiking, riding steam train, etc. would keep us busy in these days! No matter how much I love city life, once a while I would like to escape from the chaos of the city and get close to nature!

Mid Sep.could be pretty cold in mountains, upper 30F to 60F today! My new Lululemon red jacket (my first purchase from Lululemon!) keeps me warm and makes me eye catchy in mountains~ Compared to the North Face, lululemon has more styles and fits better on me. Lululemon certainly runs small, and I need size 4 for their tops (I am size 0/xs normally) and size 4 or even 6 for their pants (I wear size 25 jeans). Price wise, Lululemon clothes are pricy and rare on sale.

The little guy wears the same hat as me! I mean the same color, and same SIZE. He found some purple flower, and picked them for me! So sweet~

Evening is very quiet in such a low season, which is actually great to take a family stroll in the resort! Thanks for Michelle’s quilted vest (s’Max Mara, more styles here), giving me a casual but stylish look! The vest is light weighted (great for traveling) and runs true to size. 

Thank you for your reading, and have a great start of the week!

Outfit – day

Jacket: Lululemon (comes in red, pink and black; on sale at $134 now)

Jeans: AG (true to size, here)

Sunglasses: Fendi

Hat: the North Face

shoes: Toms

Outfit – evening

Dress: Theory

Vest: s Max Mara

Shoes: B Brain Atwood

Kids party day: wear colors

The first/welcome BBQ party at my son’s school today! We decided to wear colors!

very bright colors!


Top: Anne Fontaine fitted shirt

Bottom: JCrew ankle stretch jeans

Shoes: Thompson

Belt: Dolce & Gabbana

Sunglasses: Fendi (recent bought from Nordstrom Rack)

Bag: LV

Thank you for reading, and have a good week start!

County Fair

We were not planning to do anything over the weekend, however, after stopping by the car dealership, we decided to see what this county fair is about.


There were many food vendors and many choices, however none of them are healthy.  It was pretty much a junk food day.  Both my husband and I are big fans of funnel cakes and elephant ears, since fairs are pretty much the only places you can have those, we certainly took advantage of that.

Animal & Craft shows

We were not very into the craft shows – unless they are jewelry.   Animal shows were quite interesting.  There were rabbit, roosters, ducks, geese, cows, sheep, and horses.  Rabbits were very cute and horses were super strong – they were not the kind of horses I saw before.  These horses were like those in the Budweiser commercial – tall, strong, masculine, and handsome.  Allison had a fun time too – she touched some rabbits; rode a little pony; she even fed some sheep.  It was also my first time to see a farm shaving a sheep since I came to the USA.



Allison is too young for any rides, in addition, we simply do not trust the safety of the equipments.  If we want to take some rides, we’d rather go to Cedar  Point – the coaster capital of the world.

In the end, it was a good time.   When you saw your kid screams in her happiness voice  and spins herself in circles non-stopping because she does not know how to express her excitements – as a parent, what more could you ask in life?


Drop a quick hello! If there is a word that can describe my life this week, it must be HECTIC. I get up before 5:45am (shower, dress-up, makeup, prepare breakfast, wake up my boy……). Then I drop off him to his summer camp (7 miles away from my home, opposite direction of my work) by 7am. Drive 75 minutes to work! My no-break work starts then.  Take off around 4:20pm (thank my boss for his understanding!!!), running to the parking! Drive at least 90minutes (rush hour!) back to pick up him~ I feel truly sorry to my poor boy, who has to be there for 11 hours everyday! Evening is even busier! The little guy needs go to bed around 8:30pm. So literally I have 2 hours to cook, feed him and wash him.

Admire myself!

Wore bright color to overcome the stress~~~


Dress: BCBG

Scarf: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Newport kite festival 2012: James Perse Contrast Panel Cotton Shirt

We went to Newport Kite Festival this weekend, flying kites and meeting new friends. The last time I flied kite was about a decade ago, but I am still good at it :). Newport is so beautiful, and we will definitely come back to the beaches and the surrounding nature areas soon. Check our YouTube videos, here. 

James Perse contrast panel cotton shirt is always my top choice for outdoor activities. They are so soft and comfy, and easy to go with shorts and jeans. Though they are pricy, once a while they are on sale. Both of my pink and navy shirts were bought with less than $50.


Top: James Perse contrast panel cotton shirt

Bottom: SinClair 10

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo jelly flats

Bag: Anya Hindmarch tote

Sunglasses: Chloe