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DVF fur vest & Theory Ima leather pants

DVF fox fur vest (available here and here)
Theory cropped wool jacket
Theory Ima leather pants (great style here and here)
Proenza Schouler boots (great style by Fendi sale here)
Happy Friday! We have a day off from work / school here due to a snowstorm that sweeps the northeast. While I am writing this post, snow starts to pile up and may build up to 2 ft overnight. We are expecting a white Chinese new year tomorrow. 

Theory turtleneck sweater
Marc Jacobs hobo
Jimmy Choo glasses

The DVF fox fur vest is definitely one of the most practical pieces in my closet. You can wear it over a dress, to a dinner or even a party; wear it on a sweater to work, or for a stroll or grocery in the weekend; put it over a leather (here) or wool jacket to overcome extreme cold without bulk. I received many questions of this vest, the fitting and availability. Size wise, you may want to consider one size up (I wear this vest in size small, 5’4, 109 lb). It was sold out in Saks Fifth Avenue, but is still available in DVF official website and MATCHES. In snowy days, you can easily brush the snow off the fur and hang it back in your closet~

The new toy (Leica D-LUX6) works well (clear and less distortion) in fitting rooms without flash, where are normally poor lighted. The large aperture (f1.4-) and quality lens are the niche points of this camera. However, it doesn’t give you much boca. It still need to be tested outdoor.

Thank you for your reading and have a good weekend!


McGinn Mink Collar Down Coat & AG Ankle legging Jeans

Down coat: McGinn
Jeans: AG ankle legging (available here, and here)
Scarf: Givenchy (great style here and here by Givenchy)
Bag: Marc Jacobs
It was freezing cold around 18F while I was taking those pictures, the typical winter temperature in Cleveland, OH. To survive in such a weather, I fill my winter closet with down coats. The one I wear today is made by Mcginn, which was purchased 4 years ago. There are three reasons that I added her to my coat collection: 1, the color is unique in my winter closet. The rest of my coats are all in deep colors; 2. the mink fur collar. I love burying my chins in the fur, so soft and warm; 3. the elastic waist line and bows on the pockets. These details make the coat girly and chic! It seems that only Nordstrom carries this brand, so far. 

Boots: Ash (here; brown, here; my review here)

For ladies who have a similar figure as me (5’3), I highly recommend AG Adriano Goldschmied ankle leggings. They fit similarly as AG Stevie ankle jeans, with mid-rise and an inseam of 28 ”. You may find AG Adriano Goldschmied ankle leggings in most of department stores, on Amazon, and even 6pm for a deep discount, while AG Stevie line is exclusive to Anthropologie (here).  

Thank you for your reading!

Happy New Year: Zara maroon black stripped dress & Stuart Weitzman spats button boots

dress: Zara (also here)
belt: Maison Boinet (similar here)
boots: Stuart Weitzman (here)
bag: Marc Jacobs
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful break and celebration! Tomorrow will be the first work day in 2013, and I wish you a great start of 2013!

Our family like wear red for holidays. My pick was the Zara maroon & black stripped dress, and my favorite Vince fur vest! I wore this vest in the past four days. It is so light and soft but can keep me warm in tough snowy days. 
By the way, this vest in size M may be still available at Saks Fifth Avenue ($484.65 using saks charge). The item number is 0822508999224.
I like shopping but not enough to brave the crowds, so I missed the shoes sale (extra 50% off sale price) in Saks Fifth Avenue at 12/26. That day, you had to wait in a long line to get a chance of trying shoes… I gave up eventually. Today, I tried luck there (surprisingly quiet this morning), and I found this pair, Stuart Weitzman spats knee-high boots (most of sizes are still available at Amazon).
The boots have 4” heels with 3/4 ” platform. They are definitely comfy and made for walking! Like other SW boots that this pair runs half size up. I bought size 5.5 instead of my normal size 6. As a pull-on style, it is not easy to put your feet in (I hope this job get easier after couple wears). But once your feet are in, you can walk comfortably! I paid $218.92 for this pair at Saks Fifth Avenue, with saks charge. The item number is 780978852480. I love the golden metal buttons on the cuff, making your every step shining. 

Thank you for your reading!

Red, Fuchsia and electricity blue: extra 20% off Neiman Marcus sale

Happy Monday, everyone! Woke up in the morning, and found couple eye-catchy bags on Neiman Marcus website (with an extra 20% off). Can’t wait to see them lying outside of my door!
Why do I like this bag? Color, size and shoulder strap!
This bag was sent back to NM. The shoulder strap is not adjustable and way to long for me. The width of the should strap is also too narrow, not proportional for the bag. The color is okay, but not as good as I expect (darker than it was shown in the picture).

Why do I like this bag? Color, and convertible shoulder strap!

Reed Krakoff mini bag also comes in electricity blue, which I tried in Saks Fifth Avenue earlier. It is definitely an eye candy.
I can see how pretty it will be in summer days, with a white tee and pair of jeans… Reed Krakoff bags juxtapose utility with femininity, functional, chic and sophistic! Fun colors, though I won’t pay full price for them, are nice to be included in the closet pairing with the warm days outfits.
I will update the details of these two bags after I receive them, and make my decision (keep or return)…
Thank you for your reading and happy shopping!

Burberry Glossy Puffer Coat & Turquoise Cashmere scarf: my closet strategy

Happy weekend, everyone! 

I love wearing something more relaxed or a little bit different in Friday, though we don’t have a restricted dressing code at the university. I decided to wear wool shorts with knee-high boots today, taking the advantage of this mild winter day. To brighten up my black outfit, I wore a turquoise cashmere scarf. This Burberry cashmere scarf was bought 4 years ago with less than $100 in Saks Fifth Avenue. Burberry solid color cashmere scarves are bigger than their classic plaid ones and you definitely can wrap three loops around neck. The plaid ones, unless you pick men’s version, can barely be wrapped two loops. Because of its size, it still stays in my closet. (I sold at least 4 other Burberry scarves due to the size). Mentioning ‘recycling’ or ‘cleansing’ the closet, I normally do it with 3 steps: first, I sell my big name designer items (like Burberry, LV etc.) and popular brands (like JCrew) on Ebay. If you buy them with good deals, you may get most of your money back; second, I sell plain styled clothes to local stores, like BuffaloExchange. Unlike those consignment shops, BuffaloExchange inspects your clothes immediately, and gives you cash at the spot. They like loose fit t-shirts (no graphic, no holes), plain styled jeans (no cropped, no holes…), simple sweaters and coats. They care the style (simple and plain) more than brand, though they do pay more for the brand. For example, they paid $8 for a Gap sweater (pink, cotton, loose fit); Lastly, I donate the clothes rejected by BuffaloExchange (or any other stores) together with kids clothes to goodwill. Interestingly, there always is a goodwill store nearby, lol… Readers, do you know any other stores that take pre-owned clothes in your location?

By the way, did any one shop JCrew this week? I found that they added lots of clothes to the sale rack (with an extra 30% off) which were not even on sale last weekend! I picked a blythe silk blouse (mauve blush)a sequin stripe tee (vintage champagne) and a mixed leather rivet belt (it was $19.99 before the extra 30% off in store). The silk blouse has a relatively thick texture than the early version, and its color is warm enough for my skin complexion. Size 0 fits me very well (I will say it is true to size). The sequin stripe tee has a decent look, and better quality than the long sleeve one released after summer. I picked size small instead of my normal size xs. Currently, JCrew offers 30% off $250+ online with free shipping. If you shop online, the sale items are not final! Don’t forget to use ebates to an extra 6% cash back. Happy shopping, ladies!

Down coat: Burberry (good style here)
Sweater: Vince
Shorts: Rachel Zoe
Scarf: Burberry (different color, here)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Thank you for your reading, and have a good weekend!

Vince crewneck leather jacket & easy hair buns for long hair

I like doing hair buns during the winter time, getting static electricity out and keeping my collars clean. For my moderate amount of long permed hair, this (as shown above) is the easiest way I found so far. Step 1 is optional. Gently backcombing the hair at the crown and smoothing some hair over it can lift hair and avoid ‘flat head’. Over teasing may damage your hair. I normally use a tail comb teasing the crown just a little bit.  A pair of spin pin (one from the top and the other from the bottom) holds the bun in position (step 3 and 4). Lastly, use jaw clips (or hair pins) to secure the bun and add some blingbling. I prefer no bobby pins and hair spray. It took me couple minutes and lasted all day. If you like a messy look,  you can simply loose the hair on the crown.

Coat: Burberry hoodied jacket (with warmer)
Jeans: AG 
Booties: Prada
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Thank you for your reading!

Sand and water fun @ 4th: white tee & silk skirt

We had a fun 4th today, and I hope all of you did as well! If you take a long weekend, I hope you have a great time in the rest of days!

 After the rain stopped this morning, we went to Castle Island. Though it was super super super hot (what else can be better than a white tee in such a hot day?), the coastal water is still chilling – I don’t think I am brave enough to swim in the sea here – had some water & sand fun instead. Kids were very happy at the water & sand play 🙂


top: club monaco

skirt: Banana Republic black label

bag: Marc Jacobs

sunglasses: Chloe