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DVF fur vest & Theory Ima leather pants

DVF fox fur vest (available here and here)
Theory cropped wool jacket
Theory Ima leather pants (great style here and here)
Proenza Schouler boots (great style by Fendi sale here)
Happy Friday! We have a day off from work / school here due to a snowstorm that sweeps the northeast. While I am writing this post, snow starts to pile up and may build up to 2 ft overnight. We are expecting a white Chinese new year tomorrow. 

Theory turtleneck sweater
Marc Jacobs hobo
Jimmy Choo glasses

The DVF fox fur vest is definitely one of the most practical pieces in my closet. You can wear it over a dress, to a dinner or even a party; wear it on a sweater to work, or for a stroll or grocery in the weekend; put it over a leather (here) or wool jacket to overcome extreme cold without bulk. I received many questions of this vest, the fitting and availability. Size wise, you may want to consider one size up (I wear this vest in size small, 5’4, 109 lb). It was sold out in Saks Fifth Avenue, but is still available in DVF official website and MATCHES. In snowy days, you can easily brush the snow off the fur and hang it back in your closet~

The new toy (Leica D-LUX6) works well (clear and less distortion) in fitting rooms without flash, where are normally poor lighted. The large aperture (f1.4-) and quality lens are the niche points of this camera. However, it doesn’t give you much boca. It still need to be tested outdoor.

Thank you for your reading and have a good weekend!


My new toy – Leica camera – arrived before blizzard

Theory sweater
Club Monaco Julie turtleneck
J.Crew necklace
Theory Ima lamb leather / suede pants (available here)
Rose boots from YOOX

Drop a quick update of my new toy, a compact Leica D-LUX 6 camera, which finally arrived today! It will be an addition of contents in my bag. Will take some pictures with it this weekend, and share my experience of it here!

A blizzard is expected here with 2 ft snow! For those who live in the northeast, stay warm and play safe!

Thank you for your reading!

Asymmetrical hem by Helmut Lang tattered tape chunky knit sweater

Helmut Lang sweater (online here)
Theory suede pants (also here)
YSL muse

Happy Saturday, everyone! Are you ready for the game night tomorrow? We used to throw a super bowl party every year, getting together with friends, enjoying food and watching the game. Hopefully, we can hold one next year in our new house. Who will win the game tomorrow, Raven or 49ers? My guess is the later, 49ers. 

Buying a new construction requires a lot of work. We spent an entire afternoon in a tile store, as the first meeting, discussing the choice of cabinets, floor and backsplash tile, shower design, color of the granite countertop… Fortunately, we still made a trip to the shopping mall, taking couple pictures, before stores closed.  

I adore the sweaters with different hem designs, high-low (wore here), uneven (wore here) or asymmetrical like this Helmut Lang sweater. Tattered knit style, rich color and the asymmetrical hem make this sweater stand out from others. Pairing it with rich brown suede pants gives a soft and warm look. I will restyle it with black pants soon, which should create an edgy look on night out~

I purchased this sweater in size small (one size up) from Neiman Marcus, and the item number is 883389280566. 

Thank you for your reading and enjoy SUPER BOWL night!

Fun weekend & review J.Crew Collection luxury cashmere ISLE sweater

DVF fox fur vest (great style available here)
Theory motorcycle leather jacket
Club Monaco Julie sweater
Theory suede pants
YSL muse bag

Hi all, I hope you had a great weekend and wish you a good start of the new week! We watched a hockey game Saturday night, which was our first experience. The game was so exciting and fast-paced that we forgot taking pictures at all~ My little boy and his friend enjoyed the game a lot!

Another way of wearing leather jackets (previous pairing here) in winter days is adding a fur vest on the top. Compared to the Vince fox fur vest (see here), I like pairing a leather jacket with a cropped vest better. Unless the sleeves (of the leather jacket) are super skinny– which are not the case in my closet, adding a long vest makes the entire look bulky. 

J Crew collection cashmere ISLE turtleneck 
This Fair Isle turtleneck sweater seems to be the top of JCrew collection line, $650 originally. After waiting for a whole season, the price eventually dropped. I paid $118 (SA matched the online price $279.99, plus an extra 50% off sale and 15% of university ID). The handknit construction not only gives this sweater a pronounced texture, but also decreases the level of cold weather penetration. I did not feel that cold by wearing it alone outside for ~5 minutes, 38F. It only requires hand wash. This is the last one left in my local store, so I did not get a chance to compare the fit between different sizes. The one I bought is size M, which fits me well except the sleeves (I folded them in the pictures). My guess is that it runs one size small. 

Thank you for your reading!

My cold weather solution II: Theory ima suede pants, Vera Wang boots and fur vest

Vera Wang Eldora boots (buy here, and my review here)
Theory ima stretch suede leggings  (RED here , DARK BROWN here)

Happy Friday everyone! When the cold weather swept the northeast, nothing was more important than an outfit that kept me warm. 

After being spoiled by the Theory ima leather pants (as a previous post here) for continuous three days, I decided to invest another pair, the dark brown stretch suede. You can definitely feel the difference (the penetration of the cold and wind) between leather pants and thick jeans. Price wise, these suede leggings are on sale at $171 in Theory outlet stores now, which is actually similar as full price jeans.

Lamb fur vest from Saks Fifth Avenue fur salon
Maison Boinet belt
Carven sweater
LongChamp tote

I was asked about the size of the leather leggings by Theory. Though SAs / websites suggest size down to get a better fit, I sized up for both pairs. I tried size 00, 0, 2 and 4. To my surprise, I can wear all of these sizes! Size 00 is tight on me like leggings, but still comfy. Size 4 is slightly wide for my thigh and waist, but doesn’t look odd or slipper down. Leather (especially suede) is normally stretched out overtime, I feel size 0 and 2 should be similar on me eventually. Unless you want a pair of body-hugging leggings, you may not want to size down for this particular style. There are 5 choice for this style in the outlet stores: black leather ($417), grey leather ($171), cognac (deep brown-purplish, $171), dark chocolate / brown suede and black suede ($171). The black suede ones are my last choice, which look more like velvet than leather. In addition, black suede or leather pants could be picky for boots in winter days, though they are stylish with pumps with no doubt. If you plan to buy these leather pants, you may want to consider the color and size carefully given they are finale sales.

These suede pants are versatile, in winter and spring… Thank you for your reading!

when spring comes...

My cold weather solution I: leather pants, jacket and down coat!

Down jacket: Theory
Leather jacket: Vince (here)
Leather pants: Theory ima leggings (online sale here)
Boots: Proenza Schouler
Gloves: Saks Fifth Avenue
Fox fur scarf: Adrienne Landau (style for 2012 sale here)

Temperatures in Boston go from extremely cold to extremely colder this week! A small single digit showed up on my thermometer this morning. It says on the weather website that the temperature may reach negative 9F with windchill. My choice for such an extreme weather is wearing the combination of leather and down jacket.
Top = 3 layers
1. Club Monaco wool/cashmere blend Julie turtleneck (sale @ $29 here, and my review here)
2. Vince crewneck leather jacket
3. Theory down jacket
Bottom = leather pants & boots (my review in a previous post)
Accessories = fox fur scarf + leather / cashmere gloves

Layering a leather jacket or fur vest underneath a coat is the best way to keep yourself warm in an extreme cold weather, especilly in windy days. Leather can make an unpenetrable wall to the weather, which is the reason that bikers and motocyclists always wear leather jackets. Since modern leather jackets mostly have slim fit, you can definitely avoid a bulky look even wear several layers. Same principle applies to leather pants, which do a better job to combat the cold weather than jeans.

Share a pair of booties that my girl friend picked (more information of the booties available here).

Salvatore Ferragamo Carlita boots ($283 at SF outlet store, item number 0480760150700)

Thank you for your reading and stay warm!

The look I like…

Proenza Schouler Lace-up mid boots & Theory leather leggings

Sweater: Vince
Pants: Theory IMA MAXIMUS leather leggings (black, here)

Hi all, I hope you had a relaxed long weekend! My girl friend and I spent couple hours in a nearby outlet today, and took home some deals :). The leather leggings by Theory (same style as here and here) had a second price cut recently, and has an extra 25% off now. The price was $835, and is $171.75. It comes in black suede, brown suede and gray leather. I sized up for my strong legs (size 2 instead of my normal size 0). It was purchased from Theory outlet store (phone # 5083847799, item number 8359181151). 

The leather is soft to touch. Here is the measurements taken from size 2: rise = 8 ” (including the elastic waist band), waist = 27.5 ”. 

The wrinkles are a little bit annoying, but they are seem to be there even on models. I chose to ignore them~

Proenza Schouler lace-up mid boots

The first time I tried lace-up mid boots!  I was also attracted by the leather and calf hair combination. They are nearly 90% off the original price (was $1,450, is $173.70). They are pretty comfy for the 4.25 ” heels, and did not give me a hard time during the 2 hours I walked on them. 

Tomorrow I will post my girl friend’s picks from Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s, Theory, etc. 

Thank you for your reading and talk to you tomorrow!